Are Open Houses a Waste of Time? Part 2

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Planning the Open House

If this is not your listing, thoughtfully preview the home and neighborhood.  Ensure that the home has been prepared or “staged”.  Plan how you will handle drawbacks.  Write and place an ad or hold the Open just using many signs but first, review sign rules and regulations of the jurisdiction.  Research schools, shopping and points of interest.  Place an “Open Sunday” (or whatever day) sign on the property early in the week.  Ensure that an adequate supply of brochures will be in the home during the Open.  Run comps.  If someone doesn’t like your house but likes the layout, you will want to show them other houses at a later time.  Visit competitive homes, if possible.  Being knowledgeable is a powerful tool.  Invite specific prospects from your list of buyer prospects, and potential buyers from move-up neighborhoods.  In the multiple listing, state that the house will be open with the day and date.  Invite neighbors.  Have comps and your laptop with you at the Open House.  Have sales contracts and all related paperwork available.  Display sign-in cards or sheets.

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