Are Open Houses a Waste of Time? Part 1

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It depends.  Many times, one agent will put the word out that he/she needs another agent to do an open house on one of that agent’s listings.  The agent doing the open house puts up some signs, shows up and waits for people to come through the door.  Maybe the listing agent put an ad in the paper.  Maybe not.  If you want to waste your time, this is a great way to do it.

So how should you choose a house to hold open?  Definitely NOT as a favor to another agent.  You are in business to make money.  Select the house based on drawing power….location, condition, price range.  Preview the house before agreeing to hold it open.  The house should not have more than 3 turns from the main road.  It should have good curb appeal; otherwise, prospective buyers will drive right by without stopping.  The house should show well inside and should be in a price range that is selling.

Next….planning the open house.